FDIC insured up to $250,000

Collect W9s with payments

Collect W9s and bank info when sending payments via email. No monthly fees or minimums.

Enter an email
Recipient enters bank & W9 info (optional)
Recipient is automatically paid
send money

Collect W9 and bank information

Enter a name and an email. We'll collect the rest of the information and send the payment. Next time, you can just pay them directly.

$0 fees (free!)
Tax forms

Collect W9s from recipients

Optionally require a W9 from every person you send money to.

spend management

Organize forms and previous payments

Use your dashboard to keep track of previous payments, forms, and notes for specific payees.

Historical payments
Invoice Numbers
Email + Notes

Debit card, account numbers, and FDIC insurance.

You'll have your own account manager assigned to you. That's a real human whose only job is to make sure you're happy.

Our Mission

We exist to free up brainspace for business owners.

Running a business is hard, but managing payments doesn't need to be. Galaxy is a state of the art online bank built to make running your business a little bit easier.

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API payments