Unrecognized Transactions

If you have a transaction on your bank account that you don't recognize, contact your bank immediately. You can dispute the charge and get your money back.

Galaxy will never debit your account with the description "Galaxy," "Galaxy Payment," "Galaxy Finance," or any other description with our company name. Legitimate Galaxy transaction descriptions are written by the user initiating the transaction. 

If your account number has been compromised, scammers will include our company name in their fraudulent transaction description to make it seem legitimate. This is a common form of ACH fraud (link to FTC.gov). Unfortunately, there is little we can do to stop it.

If our company name was involved in a fraudulent transaction, we are happy to provide evidence or statements to your bank as needed. If you have follow up questions, you can speak to someone on our team. Call or text +1 (415) 528-5235, or email support@galaxyfinance.com.